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JDS HR understand every business is unique and we treat each new employer as an individual, working to develop strong working relationships with our clients and business. JDSHR offer a fast efficient friendly and approachable Human Resource services that don’t cost a fortune. In fact we can save you money and a lot of unnecessary stress.


What We Offer

JDS HR can also take the stress out of any disputes you may be experiencing within your organisation. Keeping up-to-date with ever changing hr legislation means we can offer a quick, cost-effective, no nonsense approach to HR.  Whatever your business need, JDS HR have seen it all before.  You’re the boss, you tell us. Available as an out-sourced HR “department”.


Our Team

All our consultants are fully qualified and, when it comes to HR problems - trust us - they've seen it all before! But their vast experience means that they can offer quick, cost-efficient and practical solutions meaning you don't have to lose any sleep. We pride ourselves on efficiency  and ensure you are not paying for services your businesses dont need.


Working in Partnership

JDS HR Limited sometimes has the need to work in partnership with a variety of businesses.  We feel it is always good to work with another business who you trust and can recommend to your clients, knowing they will deliver a good service.  We have an extensive list of professionals whom we use on a regular basis, all tried and tested on competitive rates.


Recent News

Employee on holiday and you arrange a disciplinary??

So you discover your employee has allegedly commited theft against the Company?  And that employee is currently at the start of 2 weeks annual leave but you want to get this wrapped up quickly to spread the word that theft is not acceptable!

Do you invite the employee to the hearing whilst they are on holiday?  No!  Even if you know they are not going anywhere and are just sunbathing in their back garden?  Absolutely no!

Recently IKEA made a simple mistake by inviting an employee to an investigation and then disciplinary whilst the employee was on holiday.  Which cost the Company over £23,000 in compensation.

Due to the employee not being able to attend the investigation or disciplinary hearing (as they were on holiday) they were not able to put their side of the story across and then this wasn't taken into account when the decision was made.  He was dismissed over a 97p milkshake and ended up costing the Company £23,000.

It was also the culture for employees to take the a free drink, but this poor chap had been singled out and made an example of.

What to do in future?

  1. Ensure the employee is not on holiday when arranging the disciplinary proceedings.
  2. If an employee takes something, do not assume it was theft.  Check your culture first.
  3. If you discover it is in the culture and you were not aware, then you need to address with every member of staff, either by staff bulletin or individual letters stating that it is not acceptable.


New National Living Wage from April 2017

From April 2017 there is changes to the National Living Wage rates.

Proposed Statutory Pay Rates

At the end of 2014 the Government proposed the new statutory payment rates for 2015/16.  These are still to be approved but are unlikely to change.  The new SSP rate will be applicable from 5 April 2015, whilst all other changes will come into effect from 6 April 2015.

Also the lower earnings limit for all rates will increase to £112 per week from £111.


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